Corporate Magic

Corporate Magic

Magic can be used in many ways to help your company thrive in business, whether it is through increased attention to your products or helping your team to bond with one of our workshops or even by helping your business in have a better payroll system with the help of experts in payroll administration services.

Team Building:

Teaching skills such as magic and performance to your team will bring them together, and will give them skills and confidence that can be put into place in the work environment, whether they are in sales, customer services or have to do any sort of presentations. Magic and performance can be used as a metaphor for business to strengthen your message.

Memory Training:

Do you forget your clients’ name within seconds of meeting them?
The ability to remember names and retain facts and figures is invaluable in business. Our memory training workshops are both entertaining and useful, and will provide tools for remembering all sorts of different information.

Trade Shows:

At a Trade Show, the hardest thing to do is get people to your stand and get them to STAY! With Oliver’s charm and wit, the crowd gets drawn into your stand, with a performance that is personalized to your company. Rather than just a handful of short tricks, Oliver will provide a performance that flows, drawing the audience in and engaging them, creating a buzz around your stand that other exhibitors will envy. The increased traffic to your stand created by the excitement of Oliver’s magic means an increased chance for you to pass on your message to the public.


From entertaining clients to annual dinners to celebrating the launch of a new product, there are countless corporate evenings that could be enhanced with Oliver Graham’s range of skills. Whether this was through a stage show, or doing close-up magic during formal dinners Oliver has many different ideas to add an extra sparkle to your event that will make it more memorable.